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25.10.2012. — 15.12.2012.



The unusual personality and vivid talent of MAIJA TABAKA, after 40 years of active contribution to Latvian painting, still gives rise to debate as intense as it was at the beginning of her artistic development. Provocatively alien to the mainstream of Latvian painting of the 1970s, her art retains to this day its aureole of an off-beat phenomenon.

The artist had formed her own independent style of painting in the seventies when appeared characteristic figural compositions with portraits of the main heroes, detailed depiction of the environment, interiors and costumes. The people in her paintings personified the urban culture of the new age and demonstrated that which officially endorsed art was careful to hide: interest in the private world and social escapism. Maija Tabaka was interested in young people who stood completely aloof from the ideals of the ruling ideology and were instead attracted more by the achievements of Western capitalism in rock and jazz, in contemporary design, art and undeniably also fashion. Glamorous figures, use of cinematic techniques: spotlighting the faces and attaching great importance to details, special costumes, staged unreal situations, the simultaneous representation of many layers of reality were characteristic to the images of Maija Tabaka’s paintings.

Success came to Tabaka surprisingly soon, most demonstratively in the international context. Thus, she participated in the 40th Venice Biennale, won German Academic Exchange Service DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) scholarship competition (1977), judged by the jury of the Kassel Documenta of that year, and also became friends with the Fluxus artist Wolf Vostell and Valdis Āboliņš, an activist of the movement and important figure in West Berlin art structures, entering into a long-lasting correspondence with them.

 Many times the artist has participated in exhibitions representing Latvian art abroad (exhibition „Riga – Lettische Avantgarde” in Berlin (1988), 3rd International Art Exhibition “20 Realists from the Soviet Union” in Düsseldorf (1973) etc.)

1979 saw an exhibition of Maija Tabaka’s work at the West Berlin Künstlerhaus Bethanien, in 1984 there was a solo exhibition at the Central House of Artists in Moscow, in 1992 – a solo exhibition at the State Museum of Art in Riga. The artist’s works were shown in numerous solo exhibitions at


Maija Tabaka’s works are found in collections of the State Museum of Art (Riga), the Artists’ Union of Latvia Museum (Riga), the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), LudwigMuseum (Cologne, Germany), Berlinische Galerie (Berlin, Germany), JaneVoorheesZimmerliArt Museum in RutgersUniversity (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA) as well as in many private collections.

Artworks which have already become iconic, such as „Wedding in Rundāle” (1974), „Women” (1974), „Artist Wolf Vostell with His Family” (1978), „Basketball. TTT” (1980), „Self-Portrait” (1981) were shown at the White Hall of the State Museum of Art. These paintings demonstrate the influence of photorealism because in the distant 1970s Maija Tabaka and a group of like-minded fellows – Bruno Vasiļevskis, Imants Lancmanis and others – had stable interest not only in Western European painting but also in American photorealism and its different manifestations.

The tone of the exhibition is set by an artwork known only from reproductions – „Portrait of Maija Tabaka” made in 1978 by the world-famous German artist Wolf Vostell. The artist characterizes precisely the personality of Maija Tabaka and her artistic interests, combining the image of a Romantic beauty with a cool analytical gaze and a symbolic photo camera at the centre.

Riga Gallery will exhibit fourteen large-size paintings by MAIJA TABAKA. Several important artworks painted during the Berlin Period will be on view, such as „Jungle” (1977), portraits of the Latvian actress Regina Razuma, some paintings from the Gypsy series that got lost for a variety of reasons or ended up in important private museums and collections.


Exhibition curator and exposition concept author – art historian, Riga Gallery Director Inessa Rinke.


2000 - Three-Star Orden of the Republic of Latvia

2008 -Ministry of Culture Republic of Latvia Award for lifetime contribution to national culture care 

2004 - Freeman of the Jurmala city

1984 - Artist of Outstanding Public Service of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic

Selected Public collections:

State Museum of Art, Riga / Latvia.

Artists’ Union of Latvia Museum, Riga / Latvia.

State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow / Russia.

 Berlinische Galerie, Berlin / Germany.

Ludwig Museum, Cologne / Germany.

Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick / New Jersey / USA.

Greatest  Private collections:

Ainārs Gulbis’ private collection, Riga / Latvia.

Artist catalogue:

MAIJA TABAKA.Solo exhibition in the State Museum of Art. Riga: Riga Gallery, 2004


Selected Editions:

100 Latvijas sievietes kultūrā un politikā. Riga: Latvijas Universitāte, 2008

Art of teh Baltics: The Struggle for Freedom of Artistic Expression under the Soviet, 1945-1991.Ed. by Alla Rosenfeld, Norton T.Dodge. London: Rutgers Iniversity Press, 2002

Latvijas Glezniecība: 1945-1985 Plus [catalogue]. Ilze Konstante. Riga: Doma, 2000

 The Joy of Being [catalogue]. Riga: Valsts Mākslas muzejs, 2000

Baltic Art: Contemporary Paintings and Sculptures: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania [catalogue]. Washington, USA:World Premiere Baltic Art Exhibition, 2000

Nonconformist Art. The Soviet experience, 1956-1986. The Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection.Ed. by Alla Rosenfeld, Norton T.Dodge. London: Themes and Hudson. 1995

Nodieva Aija. Latviešu jaunākā glezniecība. Riga: LIESMA, 1981

Rīga – latviešu avangards [catalogue]. Berlin: 1988. — 80.


 M o r e   a b o u t   e x h i b i t i o n:


Первый Балтийский Канал:

LA.LV / Video: Katrīna Krīgere:







08.03.2012. — 20.03.2012.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012 at the Latvian National Opera



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21.09.2011. — 25.09.2011.



BOOTH No 8 - 3




 supported by:                     LR Vēstniecība Krievijas Federācijā




12.05.2011. — 15.05.2011.



BOOTH No A 0502    

Messe Wien, Halle A, Messeplatz 1, 1020 Vienna |Austria 





This year International Contemporary Art Fair Viennafair focuses on the Central and Eastern European countries. International jury selected 127 galleries from 26 countries to take part in the fair, including the Rīgas Galerija participating with Ieva Iltnere exhibition Obsession.

Solo project Obsession includes seven paintings analysing obsession of creating collections and archives, pointing to challenges of conservation with modern digital technologies and quoting an internationally renowned art curator Boris Grois who said that there was probably very much art... A parallel program provides a list of performances supporting the idea.

Ieva Iltnere is one of the most outstanding and creative artists of her generation, participating in exhibitions since 1978. Iltnere has created a particular imagery that clearly marks her individual works. Her paintings feature subdued colouring and discrete intonation, paying particular attention to light and composition. Each work is endowed with a personal touch.

Ieva Iltnere will participate at the opening of her exhibition at the Messe Wien, Hall A, Messeplatz 1 in Vienna.

This year also 21 internationally recognized curators were attracted to create exhibitions from private collections thus illustrating their vision on private collection development. Romanian curator Lilian Popsecu for Knoll Galerie Wien has selected works of two Latvian painters featured in different private collections Harijs Brants and Ritums Ivanovs.

IEVA ILTNERE. Collection I. 2011

20.12.2010. — 30.12.2010.

Volkhonka Fine Arts Centre - Volkhonka 15, Moscow / Russia

Edvards Grūbe, Inta Celmiņa, Ilmārs Blumbergs, Līga Purmale, Ieva Iltnere, Frančeska Kirke, Sandra Krastiņa, Helēna Heinrihsone, Ivars Heinrihsons, Dace Lielā, Barbara Gaile, Ritums Ivanovs

More about event:


25.11.2010. — 28.11.2010.

 Riga Gallery will participate at international art exhibition BUDAPEST ART FAIR 2010 Heroes Corner Section (Mücsarnok, Dózsa György utca 37, 1146 Budapest) with RITUMS IVANOVS painting "Madonna on stage" which is published on exhibitions web:

25 Galleries to Showcase the Best of Central & Eastern Europe






No fewer than 25 galleries from 12 different countries are taking part in the 2010 Budapest Art Fair – in a special new section devoted to the art of Central & Eastern Europe: HEROES CORNER.


As well as honouring the pioneering efforts of the region's artists and galleries, HEROES CORNER refers to the Fair’s venue: the Belle Epoque Mücsarnok (Art Hall) on grandiose Hősök Tere (Heroes' Square), situated at the far end of Andrassy Avenue, the 'Champs-Elysées of Central Europe.'


HEROES SQUARE has also been adopted as the new name for the Budapest Art Fair – which was founded in 1994 and this year splits into two separate events, with furniture and objets d’art granted their own fair, Antik Enteriőr, at the Ethnography Museum.


Meanwhile the rebranded flagship event – Budapest's Modern & Contemporary Art Fair – remains on… HEROES SQUARE.


In total some sixty galleries, half from Hungary, will be exhibiting at HEROES SQUARE Budapest Art Fair. The fair runs November 25-28 (VIP opening November 24).





The Budapest Art Fair has a track record in attracting prominent foreign galleries. Prestigious past exhibitors include Pascal Lansberg (Paris), Galerie Hilger (Vienna), Le Minotaure (Paris/Tel Aviv), Knoll (Vienna/Budapest/Moscow), and Gilden’s Arts (London) – to name but a few.


Now the Fair aims to exploit Budapest’s position as an international crossroads by filling an existing vacuum: the absence of a flagship contemporary fair for Central & Eastern Europe. 


Inspired by the Tremplin (Springboard) section at the 2010 Paris Biennale, the new HEROES CORNER section will feature 20 of the most dynamic modern and contemporary art galleries in Central and Eastern Europe, plus five Western galleries specializing in East European art.


Each gallery will display a single work on a special stand in the centre of the Fair. Gallery owners will be present throughout the Fair to meet visitors and talk about their artists.


The twelve countries represented on HEROES CORNER are Bosnia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and, from the West, France, Switzerland and the USA.


The geographical sweep on HEROES CORNER ranges from Sarajevo (Duplex/10m²) up to Riga (Alma, Tifāna, Rīgas)… and from New York (Art-Fira) across to Ekaterinburg in the Urals (Art-Slovar).





The works on offer on HEROES CORNER span a 75-year period, from a 1935 Portrait of a Girl by Pavel Filonov's student Vladimir Luppian (Na Lenivke, Moscow) to a host of 'hot-off-the-press' works produced in 2010, including Sandor Bartha's In The Park (Ivan Gallery, Bucharest); Ritums Ivanovs' Madonna On Stage (Rīgas Galerija, Riga); and Kandinsky & Melamid's Russian Sudoku (Art-Fira, New York).


Some paintings are overtly Political, like Tara von Neudorf's Don't Let Your Dreams Fall Asleep, with its Russian flag and USSR logo (Anaid Art, Bucharest), or Yevgeniy Fiks' Portrait of US Community Party member Esther Moroze (Barbarian, Zurich). Some are more Philosophical, like Łukasz Jastrubcz's The End  (Pies, Poznan) and Valery Chtak's Why Is This Happening? (Paperworks, Moscow). Others are Geographical, like Vladimir Migachov's Black Sea (Russkiy Mir, Paris); or Escapist, like Konstantin Batynkov's tiny Tarzan in a black-and-white jungle (VP-Studio, Moscow).


HEROES CORNER will provide a unique, thought-provoking overview of the finest artistic talent to have blossomed since the fall of the Iron Curtain.


A strong photography section features six galleries, with startling images like Katya Belkina's naked self-portrait on horseback, inspired by Petrov-Vodkin's Bathing the Red Horse (Fotoloft, Moscow); a harrowing depiction of Vladimir Putin by World Press Photo Award-winner Sergey Maximishin (RussianTeaRoom, Paris); and Boštjan Pucelj's triptych Missing In Action (Fotografija, Ljubljana).


Also available on HEROES CORNER will be graphic art, video (Adriana Jebeleanu'sCopy Paste at Little Yellow Studio, Bucharest, Alina Gutkina's My Mom at GMG of Moscow), and a variety of sculpture – from Paolo Vivian's iron Bar Code (Bulart, Varna – Bulgaria) and Małgorzata Warlikowska's six-part ceramic/silkscreen Eat Your Brain Out (Galeria BB, Krakow), to Olaf Brzeski's porcelain plates (Czarna, Warsaw) and Nazar Bilyk's tall glass and fibre-glass figure Rain (Black Square, Kiev/New York).


One of Eastern Europe's newest art galleries, Prospekt of Bucharest, will be taking part – and one of the region's oldest, Slovakia's Gandy Gallery, founded (in Prague) 18 years ago. 'Central Europe deserves a great fair!' enthuses gallery owner Nadine Gandy.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *


To oversee the new section, and develop the Budapest Art Fair’s international profile, the Fair has appointed Simon Hewitt as International Advisor. Mr Hewitt is an Oxford University-trained art historian based in Geneva, and a respected international art critic with many years’ experience writing for Art + Auction and other leading American, British, French and Russian specialist publications. He says: ‘Budapest Art Fair is one of the oldest and most firmly established art fairs in Eastern Europe, and I admire the determination of owners Sandor & Kati Galambos to establish the Fair as the leading event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. These are exciting times, and I am thrilled at this opportunity to help bring international artists, gallerists and collectors to HEROES SQUARE.’


for images and further information please contact Viktória Vető 

+36 20 411 3504 –



22.09.2010. — 26.09.2010.


participated in the prestigious 14 International Art Fair  ART MOSCOW 2010 for the tenth time at Central House of Artists (10 Krymsky Val, Moscow) from 22nd till 26th September.

In the exhibition were shown art works from Ieva Iltnere, Ritums Ivanovs, Liga Purmale, Leonards Laganovskis, Henrihs Vorkals, Evelina Deicmane and Ilmars Blumbergs.

This year, ART MOSCOW exhibit 37 galleries from 14 countries. Exhibition was attended by more than 20 000 visitors.

Exhibitions parallel programs were presented at the project on topic Medialization, Virtual Museum Folkwang (Essen, Germany), etc., and leading international art institutions of the market leaders - Gagosian Gallery Director Valerie Blair, White Cube Director Graham Steele, Christie's auction house director Matthew Stephenson, etc. presentation, as a guide for young collectors.


At the exhibition house 3rd floor was presented exhibition of prominent Kandinsky Prize nominees.


06.08.2010. — 09.08.2010.

Exhibitions on view:  August 6th - 9th From 10am till 6pm

       Entry to the exhibition is free.

JURMALA CITY MUSEUM - Majori, Tirgonu Street 29, Jurmala, Latvia

Ritums Ivanovs. Frame 05. Sold at Sotheby's London sale 2009.

09.06.2010. — 20.06.2010.


A record of three artists from Latvia, have been shortlisted for the 2009-10 Sovereign European Art Prize. Evelina Deicmane, who has previosly exhibited at both The Venice and Moscow Biennales,Liga Purmale whose painting was sold in internacional aucton house Sotheby`s sale in London (2009) and leading conceptual art representative - Kristaps Gelzis


The exhibition opened with great success and has had a record number of visitors since its been open to the public.

DAVID BIRKIN  was announced the winner of this year’s €25,000 prize and was absolutely delighted!

The remaining 29 finalist art works will be auctioned, with the proceeds split between the artists and the Barbican Centre Trust, a charity whose recent project activity includes working in neighbouring  boroughs in East London to make the arts more accessible to schools, families and communities.

Awarded annually, the Sovereign European Art Prize is the only European – wide prize for contemporary art. It offers the chance to purchase works by some of the rising starts of the European contemporary art world.                                                                               

These works are available for bids until this Sunday 20th June. This is a wonderful opportunity to support these artists, put forward by yourselves, and also this charitable project.

The pieces can be viewed in advance of the event at the exhibition at the Barbican Centre from the 9 - 20th June (Monday to Sunday.10am-8pm)

Liga Purmale. City Tour

06.05.2010. — 09.05.2010.

Messe Wien ,  Hall A,   Messeplatz 1, 1020, Vienna | Austria



Stand Number: A1802

Leonards Laganovskis (1955), one of most visible and consequential Latvian contemporary art representative, his creative actions started in beginning of 80ies when he brightly introduce himself together with Hardijs Lediņš and Imants Žodžiks in avantgarde group. 

Leonards Laganovskis participated in legendary art exhibition in 1984. „Nature. Environment. Man” at St. Peter’s Church (Riga / Latvia) and in first Latvian art important exhibitions in the west „Riga – Lettische avantgarde” in Berlin 1988.

Artist’s most popular works from 80ies – 90ies are based on language of socart using recognizable cliché from soviet life (McLenin (1992), End of Movie etc.)

At paintings, prints, photographic and objects which are created at late 80ies mark themes, motives and conceptual developments whose are characterize artist’s creations till nowadays. Criticizing authority mechanisms Leonards Laganovskis with help of framing text or image and overstatement fragments ironical paraphrase authority symbols and languages cliché in what he discover absurdity of that.

In the early 90ies Leonards Laganovskis mostly worked at Berlin. Participating in Germany’s art life, organizing solo exhibitions as well as taking part in the international group exhibitions and cooperate which Germanys premier art Galleries and art institutions, artist has taken wide international experience and is grand holder of several grants.

After returning in Latvia with new verities and new experience Leonards Laganovskis very bright confirms himself in International 12th Tallinn Print triennial (2001) to getting 1st Prize for his work in which in one page were assemble all texts from Holy Bible. 

At 2004 L.Laganovskis benefit Latvian Art Union Prize of Year for the best solo exhibition “Right to Desire” hold at Riga Gallery.

Play with measures, concept and language is brand and trade mark of Leonards Laganovskis. His eternal theme - technologies of authority which are look through political, social and commercial prism.

Works by Leonards Laganovskis represented Latvian contemporary art in important exhibitions like "Bouquet" at RussianStateContemporaryArtCenter (2008, Moscow/ Russia) and international art fairs like ART MOSCOW (2005, 2006, 2009, Moscow/ Russia).

At 2009 in major solo exhibition “Normal” at Art Museum Arsenāls (Riga / Latvia) metre of conceptual art confirms his reputation brightly.


At solo project in Vienna will be demonstrated selected works from Leonards Laganovskis series Vodka, Lecterns, Fashion and 90ies series Food.


Works in selected collections:
Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga / Latvia

Collection of The Contemporary Art Museum of Latvia, Riga / Latvia
Neue Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin / Germany
Kupferstich Kabinett, Berlin / Germany
Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New York / USA
Estonia Art Museum, Tallinn / Estonia
Eestipank, Tallinn / Estonia

Private collections in Latvia, Europe, Russia etc.



VIENNAFAIR webpage: 



23.09.2009. — 27.09.2009.

13th International Contemporary Art Fair

23.09.2009. — 27.09.2009.
Central House of Artists / 10 Krymsky val, Moscow

Booth No. 8 - 3


In exposition included 25 art works.

RIGA GALLERY participates in the prestigious International Art Fair ART MOSCOW for the ninth time.
Art works are selected by an international and prominent jury. Among visitors of this exhibition are directors of art museums, art curators, art critics, collectors and representative of the international press.
At this Year exhibition will be open at the same time as The 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art which is the most important visual art exhibition in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Press-conference - Wednesday 23rd September 2.00 p.m.
Opening - Wednesday 23rd September 4.00 - 9.00 p.m.

Riga Gallery exposition is supported by:
    European Regional Development Fund / European Union (Nr.L-ĀTA-09-0013)    
    Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Moscow   

More about events:
RITUMS IVANOVS. Lights on stars

05.06.2009. — 09.06.2009.

For the first time Latvian contemporary artists Līga Purmale’s and Ritums Ivanovs’ works will be offered at the international auction house Sotheby’sexhibition-sale in London, 9 June.

The unprecedented idea to show a representative collection of Latvian art to an international audience occurred to Joanna Vickery, Head of Eastern European and Russian Art Department. A year and a half ago, she was surprised by our artists’ excellent achievements at the International Art Fair Art Moscow, and anticipated that this idea might be realised. She commissioned Dr. Alla Rosenfeld, a noted expert of Russian and Baltic non-conformist and conceptual art, Vice President Senior Specialist in Russian Paintings at Sotheby’s New York Department, curator at Norton and Nancy Dodge collection (permanent exposition at Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Jersey / USA), author of catalogues and books as well as specialist in Latvian art, to visit Riga Gallery last December. She also agreed that Latvian artists’ works deserve the highest valuation.

Taking part in Sotheby’s is a serious indication of Latvian art market’s international development. As is well known, Sotheby’s is the main player at the world art market and such celebrated artists as Damien Hirst, Gerhard Richter, Mark Rothko etc. have earned their world fame as a result of these auctions.
Sotheby’s auctions are in the focus of attention of world art collectors, businessmen and researchers. This event is extensively reported in mass media all over the world, and prices set at these sales by professionals and accepted by collectors are equivalent to artistic quality.
Sotheby’s auction catalogues are received by international art collectors and researchers.

Līga Purmale’s and Ritums Ivanovs’ works from the Riga Gallery collection will be included in the June edition of Sotheby’s London catalogue.
On-line catalogue from 11 May at – contemporary Russian on-line catalogue.

Financial crisis forced to change the Sotheby’s plans, and two works will be offered instead of a separate section of Latvian art:

    Līga Purmale “Saturday Night Movie” (2005 – 2009, 120x160 cm, canvas/oil)
    Ritums Ivanovs “Frame 05” (2002, 150x185 cm, canvas/oil)

Reserve prices of these works are 8000 – 12000 GBP.

Exhibition on view from 5 to 9 June, 2009.
Sale – 9 June, 2009, 11:00
Sotheby’s London
34-35 New Bond Street, London W1A 2AA, UK

Riga Gallery project supported by:
    European Regional Development Fund / European Union (Nr. L-ĀTA-09-0013)
Liga Purmale. Saturday Night Movie